Why adopt Cloud in business?

In the professional world as in everyday life, people are afraid of anything they are unable to understand and assimilate. This is the case with new technologies

Frequently, companies hesitate and wait before saying “Yes” to a change in a functionality, platform, or a business solution.

According to B.David Johnson futurist at Intel, there are 4 steps to model the relation between fear and technology:

  • Fear: this will kill all of us!
  • The struggle in understanding the new technology
  • The denial of its utility
  • Finally, the adoption of new things

This model is very appropriate in the case of Cloud solution adoption as to transform the sales and distribution process where IT professionals as well as Sales leaders remain puzzled and quite skeptic.

Let the figures speak…

Referring to Forbes, by 2020, 67% of infrastructures and companies’ softwares will be based on the Cloud. For these companies, the Cloud will be the place where the safest and most secure IT environments are stored, reinforced by blockchain-based security.
The annual growth rate, composed of expenses in public cloud services, will reach 19.4%, which is 6 times higher than the growth rate of the all IT expenses.
Estimations reveal that the SaaS solutions world market , which has rose to 49 billion $ in 2015, should reach 67 billions in 2018, an increase of 8.14%.

A glimpse of the Cloud Benefits

Availability and Accessibility

The emergence of mobility has changed the sales and distribution businesses to be more and more detached from offices. Frequently, sales agent needs to move for visits, meetings, etc.

Thanks to the Cloud, the latter requires an Internet connection only in order to take advantage of hosted services, regardless of his place and the type of his device.

With the synchronization function presented by Valomnia, both partners and employees have access to real-time up-to-date data with the ability to work on client documents and files simultaneously, resulting in better collaboration and time saving.

Scalability and Flexibility

With a fast and easy deployment, the Cloud gives you the chance to focus on adjusting and developing operations and strategies rather than on IT infrastructure.
This is ideal for companies looking to start a transformation project, as well as for the ones that already have an IT infrastructure and are experiencing new expansion and technology solutions adoption requirements.
In fact, the company has the possibility to adjust its interface based on its needs by increasing or decreasing the available resources.

Reduced Costs

Several companies are looking to transform their sales and distribution process and profit from new innovative solutions. The investment in CAPEX* is, for some, a brake to the transformation process, especially if when adding the maintenance costs.
When choosing a SaaS* solution, companies pay the usage cost only “pay-as-you-go”. Otherwise, regarding how quick the deployment of the Cloud services, the mobile sales agents and companies do not have to invest a high amount at the start-up neither exploitation fees that are predicable at the long-term.

Can we talk about a Cloud-Security bound?

The cloud is often compared to the existent systems ( or legacy systems), which are said to be vulnerable. Actually, most of the offices, are not using a high-secured systems to secure their personnel and professional documents and IT equipment. Indeed, it is the lack of time, competencies and budget that prevent them from opting to advanced security tools for their IT system. On the other hand, the Cloud guarantees high security thanks to developed features:

Controlled Access

The clouds offers an off-site data storage. This physical separation between the data and humans ( employees, visitors, clients, etc) decreases the risk of both: data intrusion and bad use.
In fact, cloud suppliers have multi-layered security defenses.Precautions include high fences, barbed wire, concrete barriers, guards patrolling the area and security cameras.

Cyber-security Expertise

Several companies reject the Cloud based on the following argument: “ No one is better than me is securing my own data.”
When evaluating the performance of a generalist company services and others of a specialized one that delivers specific and customized solutions, we, generally, expect that the second’s offers are better. It is the same with the Cloud. Actually, the Cloud supplier has a deep knowledge, thus advanced solutions, of any security problem, since it is his area of expertise.

Precise and Frequent update

The complexity of the existent systems is mainly on their update, especially when they are developed externally. To do that, hundreds of platforms must contribute.

Next Step

If you are thinking about adopting a cloud mobile solution of B2B sales, but you still have some doubts. Or if you already have a solution, but you are looking to change it by a Cloud one. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to support you, and answer all your questions.