Apparel & Textil

Valomnia for Apparel, Textile & Clothing Suppliers

  • Valomnia helps you display your products and collections in a classy way through a modern and dynamic digital medium .
  • Thanks to its order taking tool, Valomnia helps your sales reps eliminate useless paperwork and manage clients orders for the current collections and pre-orders for the incoming  seasons with real-time access to inventory and promotions.
  • The solution allows you to boost your sales and manage your orders through a unique platform and centralize incoming orders
  • Valomnia improves your employees’ productivity in the field and help them get maximum engagement and approval from customers.


Valomnia offers your sales reps a digital catalog with high resolution images that highlight  product details and fabric materials with all color and size declinations. It gives them a real-time access to stock and promotions per product and per client category.
Valomnia’s digital catalog allows your sales reps to take orders and pre-orders even in off-line mode.

Manage your orders and pre-orders with maximum engagement toward your clients

With Valomnia, you can have access to information related to orders and pre-orders and filter results easily with the different attributes (payment method and status, delivery status, amount of the order, etc.). The solution allows your sales reps and van-sellers to generate orders via their mobile devices even in off-line mode and to send them later via email to the back-office.

Mobile CRM

Valomnia helps you mange your clients easily and group them into categories in order to implement sales strategies effectively . Your sales reps can access to all information related to clients (order history, contact details, taken orders, GPS location,etc.)

Monitor your sales team in the field

Valomnia helps your teams acknowledge their position in terms of their objectives and, therefore, identify the actual number of visits and turnover achieved against assigned objectives.

Configurable Price Quote

Valomnia allows you to group your clients into categories and configure pricing per client and per client category. You can also manage taxes and promotions per item, per item group, per client and per client category (tax-exempt) on several countries.

Exchange data easily between your ERP and Valomnia’s Products

You have a lot of data to manage?

You use an information system and you are looking for a solution to interface between Valomnia apps and your business management software?

We offer you suitable connectors for your ERP and/or CRM. So you can automatically synchronize your deliveries, products, inventory and promotional offers on Valomnia with your enterprise data.

Valomnia is pre-integrated with the leading market ERP solutions: EBP, SAP, Sage, Oracle, etc.

Case Studies

French clothing designer and manufacturer

For 60 years, the company has been expanding its products lines:
hunting wear and work clothing.

Today the firm is the industry leader in France thanks to several
partnerships with prestigious firms like: Groupe Bocuse, Mathieu
Viannay, etc.

With 4 stores in France,40 sales reps, and 15000 loyal clients, Jumfil is now targeting fashion houses with its haute couture collections.

Jumfil challenges

Since its foundation, Jumfil has used direct selling model through salespeople in the field. However, this approach was generating a considerable time waste.

Taking orders, making product catalogs, and handling a lot of paperwork were a burden for the sales team.

Using Valomnia Sales has enabled Jumfil sales team to:

  • Access clients database.
  • Simplify sales processes.
  • Improve sales reps efficiency.
  • Better control over sales processes.
  • Reduce order to cash time.
  • Reduce delivery time.

Sun Valley – Maison Montval
Sales and Distribution of Ski Clothing

Sun Valley is a French firm founded in 1983 in the Bouches-du Rhône department specialized in ski-wear for adults and kids . The company operates in France and in 18 countries around the world with a distribution in Asia and Canada.

Sun Valley needs :

  • Converting and closing more deals during meeting and fairs.
  • Empowering sales force efficiency while taking orders through a mobile device enabling them to receive real-time updates.
  • Handling products declinations.
  • An elegant medium worthy of the brand Sun Valley.

By using Valomnia Sales, Sun Valley has benefited from: :

  • A mobile App with a digital catalog featuring in a ludic way all the company’s products, allowing sales reps to close more deals wherever they are.
  • Personalizing products according to available products declinations and pricing each one.
  • Launching real-time products promotions
  • Making price and promotions proposals according to client categories.