Valomnia For Toys Suppliers & Manufacturers

  • Project a modern and contemporary image for your business by having your catalog on tablet and bring your products to life by displaying all the details

  • Our solution Enables your sales team go faster by eliminating useless paperwork and reducing orders processing

  • Valomnia helps you Track and Monitor sales reps performance in the field and control delivery process.

Interactive Digital Catalog

Valomnia offers your sales reps a modern digital catalog with high resolution images regrouping the company’s products and Marketing spec files with real time information concerning the stock and promotions with simple update from the Back Office.

Manage Orders and Pre-Orders

Offer your team a tool to generate orders via their mobile devices even in off-line mode and to take pre-orders for out of stock products.
Centralize the orders generated by your sales team in a unique platform.

Manage your Salesmen in the field, Set their sales Objectives and Track their Achievements

Analyze incoming sales statistics per employee and per product, asses your employee’s productivity and provide your teams relevant and timely information.

Manage your Customers Relationship

Valomnia helps you mange your clients easily and group them into categories in order to effectively implement your sales strategies. With Valomnia, your sales reps can access to all information related to the clients (order history, contact details, taken orders, GPS location,etc.)

Exchange data easily between your ERP and Valomnia’s Products

You have a lot of data to manage?

You use an information system and you are looking for a solution to interface between Valomnia apps and your business management software?

We offer you suitable connectors for your ERP and/or CRM so you can automatically synchronize your deliveries, products, inventory and promotional offers on Valomnia with your enterprise data.

Valomnia is pre-integrated with the leading market ERP solutions: EBP, SAP, Sage, Oracle, etc.

Case Studies

J39 Distribution – Neotilus
Toys and decoration distribution in France

Neotilus is a French distributor of premium brands in toys
and decoration market : PIP Studio,Collecta, WWF, Anna
Club, Oops, Déjeuner sur l’herbe,Petits Grains, Neotilus
Récré, Nici, Lifestyle.

Neotilus needs :

  • To share the company catalog with all sales steam
    members in real-time
  • To reduce time waste while updating catalogs (price &
    products )
  • Centralize orders taken by sales reps

Neotilus chose Valomnia solution and benefits from:

  • A digital catalog regrouping the company’s products with
    real-time information about the stock and promotions with
    simple update from the Back Office.
  • Sales history and incoming sales statistics per employee
    and per product.
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Success Story : Juratoys

Download 6 Brands and 7800 Products
More than 14 000 clients in 90 countries
35 Sales reps in France
& more than 10 in USA.