Phone Trainings

Flexible Training schedules that give you the freedom to educate your team and help them get valuable new skills around Valomnia’s Solution and stay productive at the same time. You can target the training so your employees will learn only what they need without spending time on what they already know.
  • One to One training (Private)
  • Group Training


On-site Trainings

Valomnia’s on-site training is a flexible and cost-effective option that allows you to train as many or as few employees as you need.
  • Real-world training and solutions customized for your business
  • Lower training costs
  • A consistent learning experience

Business Consulting

Experts to help you get to the next level

Your business and strategic objectives are our Customer Success’ priorities. Our goal is helping you make better business decisions and establish efficient change strategies especially when it comes to  Sales and Distribution Automation.
  • Sales and Distribution Experts to advice you
  • Experts to assist your team in the use of technological devices
  • Experts to adapt the our solution to fit your business needs

Technical Support

24/7 Assistance

Valomnia’s Support provides essential assistance services with a 24/7 technical support, resources, and products updates.

  • Bug fixing
  • The Solution Setup
  • Any Technical help you need
  • A reactive production team that ensures the overall performance of your solution