The development of mobile and social CRM

The CRM market is experiencing a huge expansion in the recent years. It is why suppliers’ new strategy is to invest more on research and development in CRMs in order to attract large companies and SMEs which are still hesitating to adopt this tool. Today their development is in perpetual ascension to reach new challenges such as mobility and social.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy deployed to manage a company’s interactions with its current and future customers. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.

The whole purpose of CRM is to improve customer relationships and manage the entire sales cycle, which means going through all the steps: from communicating with the customer, to marketing strategy, sales and after sales service.

Mobile CRM

New market trends are scrutinized carefully by companies and especially trends relating to mobility. However, the companies that are still using older managerial practices, are about to change and start embracing Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Access to mobility may prove to be a key competitive advantage.

What are the benefits for a company?

– Mobile CRM is essential to boost business efficiency.

– Access to information and updates at any time and overview on the appointments and order management process.

– Real-time data transmission.

– Integration of mobile workers into the company’s processes while improving their field activities.

Social CRM

From television to the computers, smart phones and tablets, nowadays customers certainly have all the tools to express themselves. This makes it important for “marketers”  to develop their marketing strategy since it provides them a way to listen and identify new uses.

Social CRM is the new trend in the CRM market that offers customers a necessary basis for understanding and responding to customer needs. This concerns, not only the consumer-business relationship, but also the consumer-consumer one.

CRM called classic top-down, mainly based on the customer service is definitely over. The SCRM has evolved and involves different departments within a business such as marketing, R & D and communication …

Thus, it is important for companies to provide social presence on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, which are extremely important in attracting new customers or interact with existing ones. This is a way to help companies stay close to their targets.

The Benefits for the Company:

– Advertisers are capturing a more segmented contacts database , which allows them to develop individualized marketing campaigns and monitor the return.

– Further automatic analysis of: social channels (content analysis of tweets or Facebook comments, for example), data collected from semantic search, expectations and demands of users to “push” the information, the service or the product.

The social and mobile CRM are becoming a major asset for companies to meet the demands of their customers. Their use within a company becomes more and more important. The merger of these two technologies with a CRM strategy, already in place, creates a model for more effective interaction, as they bring new benefits over traditional CRM.