New challenges of sales manager : VDMD testimony

In the current international situation, sales teams are under constant pressure to achieve their goals while responding to customer expectations. At a time when globalization has removed the boundaries, these pressures are being intensify and problems increased.

To talk about the real problems, we can cite as examples: the stock  mismanagement causes an increase in sales cost, also having to carry a heavy weight of catalogs for each customer meeting, which, sometimes, leads to forget important papers, and especially the long process of taking orders that hinders the development of company commercial activities.

A recent survey released by Aberdeen Group highlighted that companies which choose to implement automation solutions mobile sales forces are 1.5 times more likely than others to observe that their sales forces productivity had improved, unlike companies which do not use this type of solution.

In this context, here is the testimony of Ms. Françoise Micciche, the Commercial Director of VDMD (The Company Village du Monde Diffusion is specialized in the distribution of fashion accessories : shawls, scarves, bandanas, sarongs, bags, companions, belts, etc. A company that is rising thanks to their success in the middle east market), testified the problems she meets as a commercial director :

Our problematic was orders on paper and PC entered during the end of week by sales resulted: stock mismanagement and double workload for commercial who can do data entry errors in weekend suddenly increased costs of delivery following the return of the goods

Problems Encountered

Have a Double Workload for Commercial

The CRM will help the sales rep to save a considerable amount of time and focus on what they do best: Sell

Stock Mismanagement

With the functionality stock in real-time, sales rep are able to make an inventory and manage the stock available in real-time, so no one could place an order for a product that is out of stock.

Customer Data Scattered

Thanks to the quick search, you just have to write your client name and access directly to customer history with the latest sales, invoices, customer scoring, etc, which can prepare you well to have an efficient professional meeting and to turn more effectively with the geolocation feature.

The Use of Different Platforms: Paper, Computer became Problematic

Multiplatform solution suitable for various tablets is convenient and allows the business to consult and see all the files from any workstation.

Bring Heavy Catalogs to your Meetings

No more need to carry your heavy catalogs. Now, on your tablet, you have a dematerialized catalog with all products.

A hard Management of Special Promotions

Without a real support,  real-time communication with the staff and other customers to get information about promotions, is difficult. The promotions indicator feature allows you to know the products on sale.

Experience Feedback

By adopting Valomnia Sales solution, Françoise Micciche has solved many of her problems, and benefits of several advantages :

Saving Time, efficiency, reducing the error risk, maneuverability, better corporate image

Proofs by number :

15% of time saved to process orders

20% cost reduction

100% of commitment signed with engagement from customers

If you too encounter this kind of problems in your business, follow Françoise Micciche and get all these benefits and more with Valomnia Sales.

You just need to visit our website and register on, you have a free month trial to try our solution and then adopt it.