Sales reps and tablets

No one can deny that the appearance of tablets has changed consumers behaviors both in the professional and personal sides. Numbers show that these device continue to spread faster than anyone can imagine. According to a Gartner, Inc. study published in February 2014, the number of tablets sold worldwide is, by matter of evidence, increasing and has moved from 116,348,317 in 2012 to 195,435,004 in 2013 which represents a 68% rise. In addition, a research conducted by IDC in 2014 estimates the number of shipped tablets in 2014 will reach  260.9 million worldwide. And even though tablets have a few inconveniences, such as the weight and volume, they have a higher battery life, larger screens and are better suited for professional usage.

Tablets have been perceived for so long as a mainstream object. Yet, thanks to the sales representatives and the increasing phenomenon of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), these devices have found their place within the company. In fact, in business, tablets are very popular within sales reps as they can present products and services, whether in text, audio or video format. Tablets are also more interactive and present a good way to get closer to customers. From a broader perspective, the tablet is used to surf the Internet, manage orders, take notes and generate quotes.

According to Marketing Profs (2013), more than 90% of sales organizations have started to invest in tablets as sales tools, and over 70% are already seeing positive ROI. In fact, the article goes on to pin point the transformations and improvements happening within most companies as they are now providing they sales reps with tablets preloaded with sales automation software. This results an increase in productivity with sales reps, focusing on what they do best: selling instead of wasting time on filling purchase orders and generating quotes and reports manually.

In addition, sales rep apps provide sales teams with immediate access to their inventory and provide sales managers with real-time data to make sound decisions.

To sum up, as mentioned before tablets are great tools to present catalogs, take and manage orders, and write reports. These features are enhanced by the existence of several Sales accompanying applications and sales rep apps such as Valomnia