Cross-selling and up-selling automation

In a previous article, we have highlighted some well-known sales techniques such as cross-selling and up-selling. Here is a quick reminder of their definitions: Cross-selling is a marketing term used for the practice of suggesting to customers products or services related to any product or service they are buying. As an example, sales representatives usually tend to offer fitting chairs when selling a table to a customer. On the other hand, up-selling is the practice of suggesting to a customer or prospect a product of better quality and higher price than the one of interest.

The previous blog post also mentioned how these selling techniques should be used wisely in order to achieve the desired goal. Another point that was mentioned is, how the appearance of sales automation solutions has improved the way these techniques are used by providing merchants with data about customers preferences and customers behaviors. In the following post, we will explain further how sales automation solutions contribute to the simplification of the cross-selling and up-selling techniques.

Sales automation solutions, Valomnia for example, allow merchants to automate and optimize cross-sells and up-sells by setting some predetermined factors in the system. In fact, sales automation makes it easier for merchants handling several products/services to check their products/services compatibility with their customers, by using key selling features and customers recommendations. Some cross-selling tools go even to the point of targeting customers based on their behavior on the website or the mobile device. They are able to provide them data pertaining to previous purchases made by other customers with recommendation sentences such as “people who bought this article also bought that”.

To sum-up, cross-selling and up-selling are Marketing techniques that can be very effective and risky at the same time if not used properly. Indeed, they can end up  either overwhelming the customer or totally the opposite. That is why it is important to always offer value, deliver cross-selling in context and, most importantly, try to close deals for the products of interest before using such techniques.