The real-time era

Everyday, there are new innovations in mobile technology; New devices with more advanced features are coming to the market. These devices, with the ability to be connected anytime anywhere have contributed to the business processes improvement by giving the opportunity to access information in real-time.

As a matter of fact, real-time information is critical to each business unit and company department (Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, etc…). Let’s take the sales department as an example. Sales managers need to have real-time information about sales activities to be able to plan more efficiently. In fact, having instant information about what products are sold the most, can help sales managers be more effective and plan stock levels accordingly.

Real-time information improves order management and customers visits. Sales representatives should always have the necessary information at their fingertips so their chances of closing deals increase. In fact, the more timely the information is, the better it is for the company and its sales force.

Being able to communicate with the company in real-time is a powerful advantage in sales. Nowadays, with the appearance of several sales automation tools, the sales representative’s daily concerns have mostly been met. In fact, as mentioned previously, with the development of new devices and the improvement in software capabilities, business processes have been improved considerably.

To conclude, businesses are more demanding when it comes to time and efficiency in order to be as competitive as possible. Therefore, having real-time information is key in doing business in today’s world.