The use of tablets is booming within the sales representatives

Since the past few years, a new phenomenon has rised: the use of tablets by sales representatives. In fact, the latest study conducted by Markess International says that 104 French decision makers, focused on the adoption of tablets and mobile devices in businesses.

According to the same study, by 2013 the number of employees using smart phones and tablets for business purposes related to the sale and customer relationship is expected to double.

Among the directly affected applications we find CRMs, collaborative tools, Sales force automation but also social networking and business intelligence.

In a few years, other industries will also be affected such as the pharmaceutical industry, banking and insurance, logistics, high-tech, or even fashion and luxury.

Why embrace tablets?

Among the arguments mentioned in this study:

Ideal for travel: for professionals spending the major part of their working time outside the office, this tool allows to work with the rest of the team without any time loss;

– Compared to smart phones or laptops, tablets offer the ease of use needed particularly during appointments or meeting. It enhances the corporate image conveyed by the professional;

– Several business applications are available on the market. Like the solution Valomnia Sales, several tools can be installed on the tablet. When the same tools are found on various media (cloud and tablet), their complementarity becomes useful.

A positive image conveyed by the company: Sales representatives gain time in preparing and organizing the paperwork. And, when dealing with a client, the access to information is faster than with a laptop.

However, it is important to calculate the cost of such a deployment and evaluate of the actual benefit for your business.