8 Ways Promotional Campaigns Can Improve Brand Awareness

Great promotional campaigns can take a brand from obscure to trendy, from moderately known to pervasive. Whether the campaigns are shocking, provocative, humorous or dramatically entertaining, the campaigns have to be memorable. When they are, there are countless ways promotional marketing can benefit the brand. Here are eight.

  1. Sell more products or services.

The number one goal of promotional marketing is to increase revenue by selling more products. Campaigns do that by creating compelling messages, content and images that emphasize to strangers and loyalists that a range of choice products exist within the brand to address multiple needs of consumers.

  1. Attract more customers — preferably from competitors

Promotional campaigns allow companies to cast a wider net and introduce the brand to more people. Promotions may compare and contrast with other leading brands, in hopes of stealing their customers. Campaigns can be personalized to resonate with specific niche audiences and draw a specific demographic to a brand. Also, a campaign can garner world-of-mouth promotion and shares that allow friends, online acquaintances and families of already loyal customers to sample a company’s offerings.

  1. Revive waning interest

When consumers seem to have forgotten a product, a marketing campaign is the perfect event to remind them of the best features of both popular and little known products in a brand. If the brand has been a staple for years and has been overshadowed by newer brands, promotions can lean on nostalgia to lure customers back.

  1. Reposition a brand in the marketplace.

Sometimes a product needs more than just revival. It needs a completely new identity. Promotional marketing campaigns can take care of that, too. It can shift how audiences formerly thought of a brand. Savvy marketers can completely re-tool the image of a flailing product, giving it new life, a new purpose in the marketplace, and a new audience.

  1. Proliferate the presence of brand elements.

By increasing the sheer sight of logos, taglines, colors and company names, the brand can have a psychological impact on consumers. Consumers will begin to think of the brand when shopping and subconsciously be drawn to it.

  1. Allow brand names or product names to infiltrate pop culture or its lingo.

Promotional campaigns with dynamic content or humor stand a good chance of going viral – especially if they are unique. Once campaigns become enough of a trend that they warrant constant discussion, sharing and media attention, some element could stand out and make a lasting stamp on popular culture. This is one of the most coveted types of awareness. If a company is lucky, the brand name of a product will replace the common name (such as with Kleenex and facial tissues).

  1. Increases brand trust

A social media promotional campaign that involves brand representatives interacting directly and warmly with customers can greatly boost confidence and trust in a company. During such interaction, spokespeople can explain any quirks or defects that might have led to a poor customer’s experience, or they can tout quality, improvements or benefits that set that set their products apart. Any honest and responsive one-on-one or one-to many exchange can engender trust.

  1. Take Mobile Into Consideration

There is a new battleground in the marketing landscape and it is mobile. People spend a lot of time on their phones or tablets, so it is important to spread your influence where it can make the most impact. Having a mobile presence can really get more awareness for your next product.

Start planning your promotional campaigns now so that your brand can re-engage its audience. Sales are an appeasing side effect. However, brand awareness, which is must more lasting and powerful, is the real benefit.