As a CEO, Valomnia helps you :

Save Costs (20%)

Improve Strategies

Enhance customer experience

Save Time (30%)

Secure Data

Secure Communications

Boost Productivity

Boost Sales

Protect Privacy

Help your employees be more efficient on field Sales

  • Get real-time insights on your Sales, Orders, Deliveries, Routes, Warehouses, Merchandising and all the field operations
  • Be sure that all your strategies will be executed efficiently .. No more misinterpretation of decisions!
  • Get overall reports and analysis to help you make better decisions

Have a clear visibilty on your Market Presence

  • Get reports and surveys on customers’ satisfaction in stores
  • Get overall insights on market information
  • Evaluate the relationship with your stores

Secure Your Enterprise Data and have safe intercommunications between teams

  • All your entreprise data and private information will be legally confidential and will not be shared or used
  • Thanks to IBM Moblie First, all your Mobile Data will be encrypted and secured on all the inter-app communications
  • Benefit from an Internationally Certified Safe Data Hosting