With Valomnia, engage yourself in a secure Mobile Cloud Experience with all your data encrypted, SSL Certified Connections, Safe Data Hosting and Mobile Security Measures enabled through IBM MobileFirst®


Is your enterprise data secured ? Is your Mobile Team using safe and secure apps ?

Get Valomnia Mobile Cloud Solution and :

  • All your entreprise data and private information will be legally confidential and will not be shared or used
  • All your Mobile Data will be encrypted and secured on all the inter-app communications, thanks to IBM Moblie First
  • Benefit from an Internationally Certified Safe Data Hosting

Data Safety

Trustful Communications

Data Privacy

CIO & Technologie Leaders

Are you providing your company with a secure system ?

Get Valomnia Mobile Cloud Solution and :

  • Have SSL Certified data exchange on all communications
  • Daily Backup with redundant follower databases
  • Automatic horizontal scaling and load balancing
  • Data centers placed under high protection
  • Double Authentication to access hosted data

Safe Hosting

SSL Data Exchange

Enterprise Information Privacy

Security Certifications

Certification of the establishment of a security organization

International certificates guaranteeing the implementation and effectiveness of internal controls related to the information systems security

Good practices provided by the CSA, and details the measures taken to ensure the security of information systems