Industry Overview

The Retail industry consists of all businesses that sell goods and services to consumers.
Retail establishments are classified by kind of business according to the principal lines of products or services sold (groceries, hardware, etc.). The Retail industry generates billions of dollars and is considered highly competitive.

The Internet and emerging technologies such as mobile applications are changing the industry therefore companies need to be at the forefronts when it comes to IT innovations to speed up business processes and enhance overall performance to be able to respond to the rapidly and constantly changing marketplace

Business requirements

  • A better visibility into the sales process
  • Reduce quote to order conversion delays
  • Ensure communication between the sales teams and the company’s server
  • Avoid useless paperwork


Case Study : Jumfil

Jumfil was founded in 1956 and it has always been at the forefront in the creation of high-quality collections of clothing for men and women. For over 60 years, the company continues to expand its product lines: Among these, hunting clothing and work clothing. The company is now the industry leader in France through its partnership with prestigious houses such as the Bocuse Group, Mathieu Viannay,…

Jumfil currently has 4 stores dispatched in France, and targets homes with its couture collections with its over 40 sales reps, therefore managing over 15,000 loyal customers.

Challenges and Solutions

Since its foundation, Jumfil sells through its on the field sales reps, it uses direct home sales , but this standard practice creates considerable waste of time. Between filling in purchase orders and carrying out heavy product catalogs, which burdens the sales team with endless paperwork and often making mistakes.

To facilitate this task, Valomnia suggested “Valomnia Sales”. This application provides an interactive digital catalog with a dedicated description for each product. The app also helps reduce the burden of sales reps and offers them a fast and interactive tool that facilitates their job on the field. This helped avoid redundancy errors and automate order taking processes.

In addition, Valomnia Sales provides a two-way synchronization between the company’s server and the tablet, making it easy to get access to the most up to date data such as real-time inventory access, order tracking and retrieving customers information and billing details.


The Valomnia Sales application has improved the sales process by:


  • Providing Access to the customers’ database and customer records (with geolocation).
  • Simplifying sales business processes.
  • Giving the ability to improve sales representative’s efficiency.
  • Providing an improved control over the sales process.
  • Reducing the time of conversion of quotes to orders.
  • Reducing order and delivery times.